Poo Bags – a tree decoration we do not want to see

Unfortunately there is an increasing trend for dog walkers to leave full dog poo bags hanging in trees. This is not just a problem isolated to Broxtowe it is a national issue.  

Having cleared up dog waste it should be disposed of in one of the hundreds of waste bins (it doesn’t have to be a bin exclusively for dog waste) on the parks and open spaces. 

If you are one of the people doing this or know somebody who does, this is what you need to know.

  • It is an offence. You are required not only to pick up the dog waste but to dispose of it in your own black bin or one of the waste bins on the parks and open spaces provided by the Council.
  • Leaving a dog waste bag hanging in a tree is littering and you can still be fined even though the mess is bagged.
  • Dog poo left lying around in bags can potentially be there for years, much longer than poo that hasn’t been bagged.
  • What can I do if I see it happening? Please contact the Neighbourhood Wardens neighbourhoodwardens@broxtowe.gov.uk and let them know where it is happening and when, together with any other information you may have.
  • Why do people do it? There is no real answer to this.  It could be laziness, people protesting about lack of bins or people thinking they are just being helpful. They are not.  Please do not do it!


  1. Sadly , most Dog Keepers have had as little training as their dogs so regard issues surrounding dog keeping as someone else’s responsibility . Strict laws should be enacted requring ALL dogs in any Public place to be securely muzzled on a short lead . Dog breeding obviously needs to be strictly controlled in a move to end irresponsible and inhumane practises . The R.S.P.C.A. , P.D.S.A.. and similar organisations would be under far less pressure if Dog Keeping was not just an unregulated initial quick exchange of cash for a sentient being .


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