Anti-social behaviour at Bramcote Cricket Club

Bramcote Today

Adam writes: Unfortunately it seems someone within the community seems to have it in for Bramcote Cricket Club as the protective poles around the cricket square have once again been pulled out and dragged away from where they should be. We’ve finally had enough and informed Broxtowe BC. It’s sad that some park users want to ruin everything for the 99.9% of others who use the Park in the way it is intended for. We’re seriously wondering whether CCTV across the Park might be something the Council should be considering. No one likes to have to resort to such measures, but it’s clear that cases of anti-social behaviour are rising in the Park. What do think?

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  1. The more CCTV the better! I’d be happy to see it everywhere! If I’m not doing anything wrong, why would I find it an intrusion? It’s a safeguard and can help locate people as well as being a witness to any criminal/antisocial behaviour.


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