Fishpond Cottage update

Bramcote Today

As you know over 180 local residents objected to Broxtowe BC proposals passed by the Planning Committee.  Following these objections, Broxtowe BC have sensibly agreed to review their decision.  The objectors have received no news from Broxtowe BC regarding Fishpond Cottage so we can only assume ‘no news’ is ‘good news’. We have a meeting next week with Francesca Siviter, the Conservation Officer employed by Broxtowe BC and will probably know more then.

Historic England have advised that Fishpond Cottage is shown on a local area map of 1820 which means it is over 200 years old.  See above a photo in Historic England’s possession taken about 1949/50. It shows the whole area west of Fishpond Cottage as farmland. 

If anyone has any other photographs of Fishpond Cottage and its garden then we would be pleased to see these.

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