Result from Stapleford T.C’s vote last night

Bramcote Today

Regular readers will have seen our recent article about a proposal to alter Stapleford’s electoral boundary. Councillor Richard MacRae has published a recording of last night’s council meeting which can be viewed below.

Item 9 commences at 31.30 minutes and concludes at 1 hour 22mins

In short, the majority of our readers who opposed any boundary changes to Bramcote will be pleased to hear the result.

If you have an hour to spare, it’s quite an interesting watch (more listen really) and very informative to hear different points of view and arguments for the different proposed options put forwards by the working party.

The working party consisted of four councillors, namely Cllrs Bofinger (Lab), Frost (Grn),Needham (Grn) and Patterson (Lab). In addition, Councillors Richard MacRae, John McGrath, Tim Hallam and David Grindell spoke. Apologies that I couldn’t recognise other voices but all STC’s Councillor can be…

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