Green Rewards launches on Monday 25th October

Residents from across Nottinghamshire are being encouraged to help reduce carbon emissions with a new programme that will reward people for taking positive action.

This comes at a time when global leaders are soon to be meeting at the COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow next week. 

Called ‘Green Rewards’, participants will be able to win vouchers for themselves or work together with other residents to win a biodiversity prize, all whilst undertaking actions that help reduce carbon emissions in Broxtowe.

These include travelling sustainably, enjoying nature, reducing waste or energy use and for each action logged through the website or app you earn ‘Green Points’. 

What do Green Points make? Prizes of course!

Every month there will be 2 x £20 vouchers given out; one for the top points earner and another in a raffle of all residents taking part. 

Councillor Helen Skinner, Chair of the Environment and Climate Change Committee said: “The Green Rewards Programme is a fabulous initiative which all Broxtowe residents can take part in. Every effort, however small can earn points to climb up the leader board. Broxtowe is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2027 and projects like this will enable us to reach this ambitious target by working together and encouraging one another.” 

All Broxtowe residents are invited to join their neighbours in taking action on climate change.

You can sign up to Green Rewards, for free, at: 

There’s also a free app for iOS and Android which you can download by searching for ‘Notts; Green Rewards’ in your device’s app store.

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