Walk Against Knife Crime, Saturday 6th November 2021

Thank you to those who joined us for the WALK AGAINST KNIFE CRIME earlier today in Stapleford.

Representatives from Joe’s World, Stapleford Community Group, Chayah Development Project were joined by Stapleford Councillors David Grindell and Bob Brown, as well as a member from St Helens Church, South Broxtowe Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline Henry and Darren Henry MP.

Leaving Hickings Lane Recreation Ground then walking along Hickings Lane, Church Street and Derby Road into the Walter Parker VC Memorial Square. The group were lead by local youngsters carrying the banner.

We was also joined by Tiggz Dat Author who stopped over in Stapleford on his way from Derby to Nottingham.

Thank you to all those who attended and thank you to all those who spoke.

People are dying, people are crying

It’s not okay, these knives can’t stay

When people are excluded, knives are included

Trying to be seen, only way is to be mean

This isn’t alright, we need to stop the fights

Straight outta school, they think it’s so cool

Stabbing slashing, this shouldn’t be in fashion

The victim had no choice, you have to use your voice

Some people don’t care, let’s stop this nightmare

Using knives, ending lives

If actions don’t change, people will be slayed

Speak out loud, tell the crowd

Knives need to stop they need to go all we need to say is no

We should be fighting, why just stand there we could be uniting

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