Update on Pasture Road Recreation Ground

Since announcing the successful grant obtained by Broxtowe Borough Council for improvements to Pasture Road Recreation Ground, I have received several messages asking what will be happening.

The area will be all rubber surface for accessibility and the gate accommodates a wheelchair.

There is a basket swing that allows anyone who can’t use a traditional swing to enjoy the experience of swinging, and the play units have activities, including a sensory wheel at low level.

We try and put in play equipment that can be used by all abilities to some extent and that allow different abilities to play together.

We haven’t got a specialised wheelchair swing or roundabout as these need an attendant to provide special fixings and tend to lead to a segregated play area, where we prefer for mixed abilities to be able to play together.

There will also be a simple fitness area for older teens and adults outside to the fenced play area.

I haven’t got any drawings, but the design is all based on the consultation.

Junior and toddler swings, a basket swing, seesaw, toddler roundabout, springies, toddler play unit and junior climbing unit with net bridges.

Also, plan a picnic table nearby and some more seating on the park.

I think we will be installing April/May so hopefully ready for spring bank holiday week.

1 Comment

  1. Well done great to see the thought of different abilities being able to play together. Let’s all respect the area and it will be assessable for years to come


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