Roadworks Bulletin – Temporary Road Closure – Moorbridge Lane, Stapleford

It is with great pleasure to let you know that these works to Moorbridge Lane are finally taking place.

Please also remember that this has been planned for a long time now, way before the last Nottinghamshire County Council Elections.

This is something I have campaigned for for a long time. So, hopefully, others don’t try and take the credit.

Roadworks Bulletin – Temporary Road Closure – Moorbridge Lane, Stapleford


  1. Heck of a diversion for those of use that live on the road, but it will be worth it!! Next up, maybe speed camera’s for the NUMEROUS persons who speed down there at incredibly unsafe, inconsiderate speeds. I might put a bet on myself at the bookies for getting rear ended trying to reverse into my parking bay, or crossing the road to walk my dog/run – it is BAD.


  2. Well, so far Moorbridge Lane has been shut for a week and all that is being done is work on the pavement outside the entrance to the detention centre!!
    Also, a week or so ago a gang of men, a lorry, a “wacker” and asphalt were filling in pot holes on Moorbridge a few days before it is, presumably, being dug up for resurfacing! Strikes me as a bit of a waste of time and council tax payers money. Shows a lack of “joined up thinking”


  3. Maybe once they get to the actual resurface work (don’t believe it will happen) they can put in traffic calming measures before someone dies….oh wait no. A fatality has to occur first, because why be proactive. After all. Its only a house that got hurt.


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