All you need is a little ‘sheducation’

Many residents think the contents of their shed are of low value and so pay little attention to security, which makes it the perfect time for opportunistic thieves to strike.

All you need is a little ‘sheducation’:

Cars, bikes, tools, sporting equipment and other valuable items are often kept in garages and sheds.

Keep them secure by fitting an alarm or a good quality lock.

Keep your fences, gates, sheds, outbuildings and walls in good repair to stop intruders getting in

Hang old net curtains on the inside of the windows to hide the contents of your shed

Chain large items such as bicycles together – it is much more difficult for a thief to carry away a number of large, heavy items all at once

Mark your garden tools and equipment with your postcode and house number

Grow thorny plants and bushes to prevent unwelcome people from entering your garden

Fit grilles or mesh to the windows

Register your property at

Remember the tools and equipment you keep in your shed could be used to force entry into your home – causing even more expense and hassle in the long run.

Don’t give thieves shed loads of opportunities!

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