Post Office Ltd is looking for a successful retailer to incorporate a Post Office Local into their existing or proposed business.

I have received an email from the Post Office HQ. Posted below.

Hi Richard I hope you are well.

The Post Office in Stapleford is currently being managed by a temporary Postmaster following the resignation of the former operator of the branch. We are advertising for a permanent solution and anything you can to do to raise awareness of the business opportunity would be very much appreciated. The temporary arrangement will continue as long as we have access to the premises and there has been no indications that this is due to be withdrawn. This is clearly good news a customers will continue to have access to Post Office services while we look for a permanent solution.


So if any business is interested in taking on a Post Office then the details are below.

Stapleford Post Office

66A Derby Road, NG9 7AB

General information


We’re seeking applicants to set up brand new Post Offices in this area

Closing date: 28th July 2021
(Advert may close early if sufficient interest is registered)

Post Office Ltd is looking for a successful retailer to incorporate a Post Office Local into their existing or proposed business.

The offer available in this Post Office would be:

Post Office Local – integrating Post Office services into a vibrant and sustainable retail business, so they can be offered over the same opening hours. The exact layout and design will be agreed with you to suit your business.

Estimated Post Office fees:

In the current location in the range of £13,554 – £15,060 per annum. Please note this estimate is inclusive of the products listed under General Information.

Advertised Annual Fees Disclaimer – All fees ranges on this site are based on 12 months’ trading history. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance for each branch. As a result of COVID-19 some branches have experienced a significant change in trading patterns and therefore fees will be reviewed during the application process.

A successful applicant will need to have:

  • Superb customer service and focus
  • Excellent business management skills and experience
  • Ability to communicate effectively and easily with your branch team and customers
  • Talent for motivating and managing your branch team to ensure excellent customer service for all customers
  • Strong conversational skills, actively listening and responding to customers’ needs
  • Ability for hiring and training great team members for your branch
  • Quick to identify potential business opportunities and keen to implement innovative ways of working to promote Post Office products within your business

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