Darren Henry MP Speaks Up On Mental Health Reform

Bramcote Today

Press release from Darren Henry’s Office:

On Wednesday, Darren Henry MP spoke in the Queen’s Speech debate on the need for a detailed plan for mental health reform.

Following the Queen’s Speech, a series of debates took place in the Chamber surrounding the contents of the speech and the legislative agenda for the upcoming Parliamentary session.

Participating in the debate on the NHS and Social Care, Mr. Henry said “The Office for National Statistics has shown that during the pandemic mental health has worsened across every age group in the UK, and the number of individuals showing symptoms of depression has doubled. The announcement to boost mental health funding by at least £2.3 billion over the course of this Parliament, as well as transforming mental health services and supporting more people in our communities, is very welcomed.”

“Recently I wrote to the Government to offer my thoughts on the Mental…

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