Highway Weed Control

The Councils highway weed control programme starts in early May. The work is being undertaken by our approved weed control contractor and is undertaken on behalf of and as specified by Nottinghamshire County Council.

The County Council fund 2 applications each growing season. One in May and one in September together with an intermediate application in the 4 town centres in July.

The 2 main applications normally take around 3 weeks to complete depending on weather conditions. The programme starts in Beeston Rylands and progresses north through the Borough finishing in Brinsley.

Key Questions we often get asked are:

What is a weed?

A weed is a plant growing in a location where it is not wanted. On the highways, any plants growing in pavements and kerbs or around drains and street furniture, are weeds.

What level of service can we expect?

The contractor is employed to keep weeds to a manageable level, we do not expect a weed free surface but we would expect all substantial growth to be treated.

Why control weeds?

Weeds are controlled for the following reasons:

• Appearance – weeds detract from the overall appearance of an area and trap litter.

• Safety – weed growth can interfere with visibility for road users and obscure traffic signs.

• Drainage -weeds in kerbs or around drains can prevent or slow down surface water drainage.

• Damage – weed growth can affect paving surfaces and force kerbs apart increasing maintenance costs.

Where are weeds treated?

All pavements and kerbs on residential roads are treated together with council owned car parks and public footpaths in residential areas. The edges of paths immediately adjacent to walls or buildings are also treated when necessary. We only spray where weeds are growing.

Where will the council not treat weeds?

We’re not responsible for treating private land or property owned by other public bodies or private organisations. We won’t treat highways which have not been adopted by the council.

How are weeds controlled?

Weeds are controlled using environmentally approved and effective herbicides. When the herbicide is applied to a weed, usually by spraying, it works its way through the plant killing it completely.

On contact with soil the herbicide breaks down into harmless substances.

The herbicides used in Broxtowe have a very low toxicity and can be used in areas open to the public and their pets.

Unless the weeds were very tall when sprayed we do not remove weeds following the spray. Weeds are left to break down naturally.

How long does it take for weed-killer to take effect?

It is not usually immediately apparent that weed-killing has taken place. It can take up to two weeks to have a visible impact, though this can be affected by weather conditions.

How does the weather get in the way of treating weed problems?

• If there is a risk of heavy rain because the weed-killer would be washed off before it was absorbed by the weeds.

• If there are high winds.

Other Weed Control areas
Parks, Green Spaces and Cemeteries

An area is treated around the base of young trees to help establishment and prevent damage by mowers and strimmers.

The base of obstacles and memorials to prevent damage by machinery.

On hard surfaced areas for the reasons mentioned previously relating to highway weed control.

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