Cycling Activities in Stapleford.

Ridewise is an organisation I have supported for many years now and after a successful funding bid they will be back in Stapleford soon teaching all things bike related.

The activities will likely be from late July and will start off with 2 x Dr Bike sessions.

There will then be 6 weeks of cycle sessions, and then a further 6 weeks of progressive guided rides.

They will be putting the sessions onto the online booking systems and they have a planning session booked early next week to sort out the exact logistics.

People will be able to book them in real time on once they’re ‘live’.

Our expectation is that it’ll be at Hicklings Lane Recreation Ground and that it’ll be on Sundays (possibly Sunday afternoons) from mid/late July onwards – however, the exact details rely on them having instructors available at those times, so at the moment they’re TBC.

It’s likely we will be able to promote them in around 2 weeks time once everyone has been finalised.

But we are really happy to put people’s names on a waiting list if they’re keen to hear first and book on as soon as the online bookings are released.

Please get in touch if you are interested.



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