Welcome Back Fund, Your Ideas Required.

Broxtowe Borough Council have received some funding from the Government from the Welcome Back Fund and we are asking for your ideas for Stapleford.

Please read all of this article as it includes below what the funding can and can’t be spent on.

This is an ideal opportunity to run some unique events for the town to stimulate the local economy, for residents and visitors alike.

I have asked to discuss the Welcome Back Fund with Stapleford Town Council at the Events Committee on Monday 5th July and in the mean time I am asking on social media for the ideas from local residents and businesses alike to help develop an ideas bank for the town, it is so important to get the ideas from the town council and the local community as it will reflect what the town needs the most as this very critical time. The main focus is to gather a bank of ideas for consideration in September and October, and January February time,

You can reply in the comments or email me directly at cllrrichardmacrae@gmail.com

These will all be fed back to Broxtowe Borough Council.

Welcome Back Fund – A Quick Guide

The Welcome Back Fund provides effective support to promote a safe public environment for a local trade and the visitor economy.

The fund is designed to boost the look and feel of the high street allowing Broxtowe to invest in activities to make high streets welcoming and promote the visitor economy.

As well as providing High Street Ambassador support in the form of a new temporary role to support the fund implementation; and place-based marketing and promotional activities, the fund offers the opportunity to celebrate the safe reopening with an events programme tailored to each high street.

The Fund can be used by local authorities to:

 Boost the look and feel of the high street by investing in street planting, parks, green spaces, and seating areas to make high streets welcoming.

 Run publicity campaigns and prepare to hold events that will boost footfall and encourage people back into the high streets and thereby supporting local businesses.

 Install and refresh signage and floor markings to encourage social distancing and safety.

 Improve green spaces on high streets and town centres by planting flowers or removing graffiti.

Events and celebrations should respect the most recent social distancing guidelines as per the Safer Public Places guidance.

Other activities could include but is not limited to:

• Public space temporary modifications to enable a safe environment.

• Beautification activities including graffiti removal.

• Non-permanent public realm adaptations.

• Activities that future proof the high street.

• Improvement of green spaces and provision of outdoor seating areas.

All funds must be promoted using the HMG and ERFD logos above

The Fund does not support:

 Activity that provides no additionality – Government recognises that local authorities will already be delivering activity to ensure the safe reopening of their economies. This funding is intended to be additional funding on top of that existing activity; it should not be replacing the source for already committed expenditure.

 Capital expenditure – This is a revenue only funding project intended to help local authorities address the longer-term impact of Covid-19 on local economies. This can include activities that last as long as restrictive measures are in place as well as activities that help future proof high streets. Permanent changes are therefore not permitted.

 Grants to businesses – Funding cannot provide direct financial support to businesses to make adaptations to premises, purchase PPE, purchase goods or equipment or offset wages or other operating costs.

Welcome Back Fund: guidance

Welcome Back Fund: Frequently asked questions

1 Comment

  1. Musicians to be able to perform maybe at memorial in centre of stapleford.

    Speaking because my son is studying music performance and song writing. Would be good for youngsters especially teenagers to express themselves by busking/performing in public.

    Other performers too but make it easy if they are allowed to do it. Easy access to electricity would be advantageous

    There’s always people there because of bus stop, benches and coffee shop across road.

    Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

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