Nottinghamshire Police leading the way as crime plummets.

The overall fall in crime recorded in Nottinghamshire was way ahead of the national average and only bettered only by the City of London Police – which covers just a square mile of the capital.

New national statistics released today show robberies, burglaries, knife crime and other serious offences all plummeted, marking a sustained drop which started well before the impact of the pandemic.

Continued investment in specialist policing teams and more officers helped the force to record an overall annual fall in crime of 21 per cent – comfortably ahead of the national average of 14 per cent.

The new figures, released by the Office for National Statistics, show 22,239 fewer offences were recorded in the 12 months to April 2021.

Burglaries fell by 34 per cent, robberies by 36 per cent and theft offences by 33 per cent and serious sexual offences saw a significant reduction too.

Offences of violence with injury fell by 25 per cent and knife crime by 15 per cent, as officers continued with a raft of proactive initiatives in pursuing those who cause communities most harm and preventing offences.

The force’s own figures for the same period showed trafficking in controlled drugs saw an 11 per cent increase, a credible and much welcomed result based upon sustained targeting of dealers and an abundance of community intelligence. Many drugs operations were carried out by the force’s 12 different Operation Reacher teams in addition to the force Serious and Organised Crime Taskforce.

Chief Constable Craig Guildford said: “Today’s figures confirm the continuation of some extremely positive trends witnessed before the start of the pandemic. I am delighted not only that we are out-performing almost every other force in the country, but also that some of the biggest falls have been reported in areas where we have taken the decision to invest in specialist teams of front-line officers and detectives.

“Our two knife crime teams are now out and about every day in locations across the county and our network of Operation Reacher teams have been causing drug dealers and other criminals sleepless nights with a relentless series of early morning raids. They have now notched up more than 500 different raids and will continue to add to this number in the coming weeks and months.

“Our designated robbery teams, meanwhile, have also overseen an increase in detection rates of more than ten percent – meaning that more criminals are being arrested and charged. In addition our specialist burglary teams are also continuing this vital work in supporting residents and business owners who are targeted by criminals. I understand how traumatic these offences are for people and am absolutely committed to robustly investigating every report we receive.

“Again, I am delighted by these excellent results and would like to extend my thanks to every officer and staff member who made them possible. In uniquely difficult and demanding circumstances they have risen to the challenge and allowed us to better support victims of crime, bring offenders to justice and build ever stronger links with the communities we serve. I am sure residents will also be reassured to know that during the same period we recruited an additional 202 new police officers to help us continue with our vital work in reducing the number of victims.”

“I thank the community for continuing to give us the intelligence and rest assured our increasing officer headcount will continue to make an impact as we move out of the current restrictions over the summer. We have some of the best local partnership arrangements in the country and it would be remiss of me not to underline their huge contribution to our success.”

Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline Henry said: “A lot of people have worked really hard in challenging circumstances for this reduction, and I thank them all on behalf of Nottinghamshire’s residents. Over recent months I have listened to people telling me that they wanted to see less burglary, less violence, less theft and that is just what we are seeing today.

“Now the challenge is to sustain this downward trend. I promised to be tough on crime, to stop crime before it happens and to put victims and residents at the heart of my policing priorities. My Police and Crime plan will reflect those promises so that we can continue to make Nottinghamshire Safer.”


  1. I was sorry to see Paddy Tipping is no longer to hold the post, Unfortunately (and by this I mean no disrespect to his successor) I am of the opinion that this should never be seen as a Political post as it appears to be by so many . Possibly and I hope the new incumbent may prove to be as worthy a holder of the position.


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