Front line road workers meet with Councillors as part of review

Panel members from the County Council’s Highways Review Panel have met with Via frontline staff at Bilsthorpe Highway Depot to explore, discuss and see first-hand how road repairs are currently made across the county.

Councillors saw several types of road repairing machinery, including the Roadmaster, Hotbox and Mechanised Patching equipment in action, explored the difference between surface dressing and micro asphalt, and had an overview of verge maintenance and drainage.

Councillor Clarke, Committee Chairman of the Transport and Environment Committee said:  “It’s been really useful talking to frontline staff to gain a better understanding of the different techniques and tools in place, the issues they overcome on a daily basis and their views on how they would like to see roads repaired and maintained in the future. By watching and listening to their passionate accounts of their work it will help us to drive forward improvements.

“I’m also pleased to say that we have agreed dates for a Local Government Association Peer Review, which will take place following the school holidays. This review will not only give us an honest appraisal of our approach and methods but will help share learning from other County Councils and challenge our thinking.

“Plus, we’ll be working alongside a global engineering company WSP to help us transform our ideas into action. We’re really pushing ahead with the review and doing everything we can to explore all available options to make sure that we get road maintenance and repairs right for our residents and visitors to the county.”

To see some of the different types of repairs and maintenance currently used in Nottinghamshire visit

The cross party panel have contacted all Nottinghamshire County Councillors to share their experience and local knowledge to help inform the work of the panel to ensure the review is as comprehensive and far reaching as possible.

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