Inspector Riley’s blog – June and July 2021

Lockdown easing

Welcome to my Summer blog, incorporating June and July. I have to apologise for there not being a blog in June, but the rapid pace of the easing of lockdown measures and their impact on our local policing, alongside the astonishing success of the England football team in the European Football Championships had an impact in more ways than one!

I am pleased to report that any negative impact on policing activity in Broxtowe as a result of both the easing of the restrictions and the Euros has continued to be minimal.

As I write, we have just entered Stage 4 of the return to normality and the removal of all legal restrictions around social distancing, wearing of face masks, groups in licensed premises etc, against a backdrop of rising infections, predominantly caused by the Delta variant of Covid19. My plea to everyone is to continue to follow all of the advice wherever possible and continue to use masks & sanitiser and socially distance wherever and whenever you feel it is prudent to do so. That way, we may have a chance of slowing down the spread of this variant and maintaining the newly re-found freedoms that are so precious to us all.


A further apology, but this is a repeat of the update from May, however, it is definitely worth underlining for you all. Now that restrictions on gatherings have been removed and we are heading ever closer to a full return to normality, my teams and I will be revisiting and implementing our engagement plans. We will be looking to get out more and more and engage in different areas and situations throughout the summer weeks. The purpose of our engagement in the communities we serve is as follows:

• To support the delivery of policing
• increase trust and confidence in us
• To reduce the fear of crime
• To engage to recruit under-represented groups.

If any of you have any ideas of where you would like us to be engaging, or any events where you feel the presence of your local policing team would be of benefit and can support any of the engagement priorities above, then please get in touch with a member of your local beat team – details of whom can be found on the relevant internet page at


Our proactive operations in Stapleford (Larkspur) and Eastwood (Hadar) remain in full swing and are focussed firmly on preventing and detecting offences of violence, particularly where knives are involved. Unfortunately, the additional funding available to me from the Government’s knife crime surge fund (Operation SCORPION) is no longer available due to a restructuring of how additional funding is distributed. This is obviously a disappointment, as the benefits of these extra patrols has been huge in terms of both visibility in Eastwood and Stapleford and also the effect they have had on the local drug trade and associated criminality / ASB.

I am still able to bid for the services of the County Knife Crime team though through our local tasking process and every time they deploy into the area, they have a positive effect. In this past week they have deployed into Broxtowe twice, putting a stop to 2 budding drug dealers’ activities following stop searches on the street. Net result – Class A drugs seized and both would-be dealers receiving official cautions for their endeavours.Having lost the additional immediate funding stream from Operation Scorpion however, I am always greatly pleased to accept additional funding through local enterprises to support additional patrols / policing activity on our priority areas, so if anyone knows of any funding streams or initiatives that may assist in supporting additional patrols, then please get in touch.

Warrants- Operation Larskpur

During June / July we executed misuse of Drugs Act warrants at addresses in Albert Avenue, Stapleford and Attenborough Lane, Chilwell, linked to local drugs supply. Whilst the Stapleford address proved negative, we seized 160 mature cannabis plants and 10 x 1kg bags of freshly cropped Cannabis form the address. A man was subsequently charged and remanded to prison in relation to this.

Warrants Operation Hadar

During June / July we executed misuse of Drugs Act warrants at addresses on Scargill Walk, Eastwood and Nottingham Road, Eastwood. From Scargill Walk we recovered 300 wraps of Class A drugs ready to be dealt. Two men and a woman were arrested and subsequently released under investigation in relation to this. Forty Cannabis plants were seized from the Nottingham Road address, leading to the male occupant of the address being charged with cultivation of Cannabis.An application is currently being heard by the Magistrates Court for a closure order on an address in Eastwood which is central to the supply of Class A drugs, both in the town itself and further afield. If successful, this will have a dramatic effect on the ease of supply to local users and reduce ASB and acquisitive crime linked to the address and it’s frequenters. The hearing has now been adjourned until Tuesday 27th July.


Burglary numbers fell again during June and July and we have continued with the ‘Lighter Nights’ work across the borough in conjunction with partners. In the year to date, compared against both 2020 and 2019 (pre-Covid) our burglary performance is really encouraging, with reductions in all recorded burglary categories. Burglary overall is showing a reduction of 21.7% on 2020 and 50% on the same period in 2019, whilst Residential Burglary is showing a reduction of 25.8 % on 2020 and 45% on 2019. These are hugely encouraging numbers, as I am sure all but career burglars would agree and are a solid testament to the hard work undertaken by officers at Broxtowe and our internal partners in the County Burglary team.We will continue to work closely with our partners at Broxtowe Borough council over the Summer months, continuing with the ‘Lighter Nights’ campaign to ensure target hardening around vulnerable properties. In the past, the issuing of shed alarms, security lighting and security locks has seen us manage to put the brakes on slight increases in this type of offending. In the previous quarter this year, this operation / initiative has proved successful in driving down acquisitive crime, centred on sheds, garages and outbuildings. If anyone feels that their shed or garage would benefit from some of the proactive security measures we can deploy to make them more secure, then please contact a member of your local beat team, details of whom can be found on the website on the relevant page for your neighbourhood.There are currently no hotspots or trends around burglary. We will continue to target those offenders whom we know or suspect are responsible for this crime.

National Speeding Campaign

This week (w/c 19th July) sees the start of the National Police Chiefs’ Council speed awareness campaign and runs until 8th August. Nottinghamshire Police’s Roads Policing team will be out and about across the county in support of local teams to deliver the message to speeding drivers around the dangers of excessive speed and bad driving. I have requested that where capacity allows (they are a resource for the whole force) the following locations on the borough are targeted, as these are the ones which feature the most in my inbox and mail bag.

• A6007 Ilkeston Road, Stapleford
• B6003 Pasture Road, Stapleford
• B6004 Hickings Lane, Stapleford
• B6003 Toton Lane, Toton
• A609 Ilkeston Road, Trowell
• B600 Nottingham Road, Eastwood
• B600 Kimberley Road, Watnall
• A6002 Woodside Road, Nuthall
• A608 Mansfield Road, Brinsley

My local teams will also be getting out and about with speed detection equipment and ticket books – so the message is simple, if you’ don’t want a speeding ticket, a fine and/or points on your licence, then stick to the limits.

Staff Moves

June and July have seen a number of staff moves once again. Firstly, Sgt Alison Bryan has left us to take up a post heading up the County Licensing Enforcement Team, based at Mansfield. During her time with us, Alison instigated and drove Operation HADAR to the success it has had on the drugs trade and criminality on Broxtowe North. She will be very much missed and I wish her all the best in her new role. Alison is succeeded by T/Sgt Simon Boyles, who joins us from the Ashfield Response Team, so a big welcome goes out to Simon.T/Sgt David Hodson has also moved on. Dave has returned to his previous role as a beat manager on the Neighbourhoods team at Newark and Sherwood. I’d like to thank Dave for his efforts whilst with us at Beeston and again, wish him well for the future.Dave is succeeded on the Broxtowe South Neighbourhoods Team by Sgt Tara Clapperton who has returned to the force following a five year career break. Tara is a vastly experienced and proactive officer who has already hit the ground running, leading some early successes with her new team. Again, Welcome to the team, Tara. And finally we say a very warn ‘Welcome Back’ to Pc Rebecca Wilson, who has returned to the Broxtowe North NPT following a year on maternity leave. Rebecca is a much valued member of the Northern beat team and we have missed her greatly whilst she’s been off, so it has been a real pleasure to welcome her back.

As always, stay safe until next time and please ensure that anything and everything that needs reporting to the police is done so by dialling 101. That way, we are able to build up problem profiles and intelligence around local issues, which we are not always able to do from social media, as all 101 incidents are recorded against a unique number and are therefore easily searchable to us.

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