First Nottinghamshire County Day, supported by Broxtowe Borough Council.

It’s the first every Nottinghamshire Day today and The Mayor of Broxtowe, along with The Mayor’s Consort has raised the Nottinghamshire flag and shared some words to mark the day.

”I am delighted to be here today to raise the Nottinghamshire flag for the very first time to mark 25th August as our County Day. What a fantastic and historic moment this is, and most exciting!

County Days are an opportunity to celebrate the identity, heritage, culture and local traditions of Historic Counties and they are already celebrated by a number of other counties.

The celebration of our Historic County of Nottinghamshire, in this way, will in the future support local communities to understand the history and traditions of the places they live, work and enjoy their leisure time.

In addition, the adoption of this County Day will be an opportunity to promote all that Nottinghamshire has to offer and could help deliver economic and tourism benefits.

In the future, we hope this day will grow and become a real opportunity for celebration of all that is good about Nottinghamshire both with local events here in Broxtowe and right across our glorious county.”

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