Police Off Road Motorbike Team.

Last night saw the Police Off Road Motorbike Team in Stapleford.

I had along chat with them in Beeston last night and was shown the Motorbikes before they set off to Stapleford.

A stop at Montrose Court where there was lots of community engagement as local youngsters were interested in the Motorbikes.

The team were in Stapleford as there have been reports of Motorbikes being used up and around the estate in an illegal manor.

Reports of Motorbikes being used around Hickings Lane and Ewe Lamb Lane as well as Eatons Road, Braddon Avenue and several other areas are all being targeted and the team will be back on random days.

If you have an area you would like them to visit then please get in touch and I can pass the information on, you can call 101 or report using Crimestoppers.


  1. One of the offending riders lives on Crawford Avenue. The bike is a loud off road. No number plates. no lights and no helmet
    Regularly up and down Derby Road and Bessell Lane with 2 other bikes which appear to be legal but I will check them out if they go slow enough for me to get the reg.


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