Violence and Knife Crime Action Plan Approved at Community Safety Committee

This evening, the Community Safety Committee at Broxtowe Borough Council unanimously supported the Violence and Knife Crime Action Plan.

You can find the agenda for the meeting by visiting

Following an informative update from the new police inspector, I read out the following.

Following a recent incident in Stapleford involving a knife and then the more recent arson attack on a property I am very concerned about the amount of rubbish in the communal areas in the Council properties around the estate, Melbourne Road, the Crescent and Ilkeston Road in Stapleford. Having spoken to the Police, the Fire Brigade and now the local Housing Officer I have firstly asked that with a matter of urgency we visit all the communal areas in the mentioned areas. People simply can’t afford to pay to have bulky items taken away so store them in the communal areas, under the stairs and in the outhouses; this is creating a fire hazard. This was proven following the recent arson attack in Stapleford on Tuesday evening. Luckily no one was hurt but we could easily be sitting here talking about a different matter, alleyways are blocked with rubbish and over grown hedges as well.

I am asking that we organise a day or a week of action, we visit the estate and put some skips out, we help people get the rubbish in the skips, we cut back the overgrown hedges and we clear the communal areas. As always I am more than happy to roll my sleeves up and get my hands dirty and we can put a call out for volunteers to help as well. This needs to be a joint approach working with the Police, the Fire Brigade and any other partner agencies as a matter of urgency. Councillor Goold and I are out soon with a housing officer to identify the areas that need sorting, following this we need action. I am sure we could set up around Montrose Court and I am sure the Church at Montrose Court would be willing to help with hot drinks and a location to be based at.

This would also be a great opportunity for the police inspector to have a walk around the area and meet the residents.

I would like to thank Councillor Steve Carr, who then asked the chief executive to authorise this plan of action. The chief executive has agreed to contact the relevant department tomorrow. The police inspector has also agreed that it is a positive plan and said he fully supports this.

I then gave the following update on the Police and Crime Panel of which I am a member.

Good evening all, I have put a short update together which I am happy to be able to read out to you all this evening.

The last meeting of the Police and Crime Panel was back in November and we spoke about the upcoming Police and Crime Plan which the Commissioner is putting together, as I mentioned at the last meeting you can find this online. This will be adopted in the near future.

In December there was the Confirmation Hearing for Interim Chief Executive Appointment and next Monday we have a Confirmation Hearing for Interim Chief Finance Officer Appointment these meeting have an exclusion of press and public due to the nature of the discussions.

On Wednesday, the Commissioner is holding an online meeting for the Make Notts Safe Plan. If anyone wants to attend this online meeting, please contact the office of the Commissioner who will help with your enquiries.

We moved onto the Violence and Knife Crime Action Plan which you can read here

I raised the following concerns.

Page 32. I am concerned that people with banning orders are still going in pubs in Stapleford, now I can fully understand that the young bar staff are afraid to confront them but surely the license holders have a responsibility to make sure these people do not go in the pubs. Otherwise, what is the point of a banning order? This doesn’t apply to all pubs, just those with disregard for the law.

Page 35. deliver two Knife Amnesty weeks at Beeston Police Station and The Helpful Bureau in Stapleford and Eastwood Volunteer Bureau, can we confirm these locations have agreed to do this as I am concerned as in the past I was told the location in Stapleford the staff have concerns about doing this. I would also like to check that Stapleford Town Council have been asked as they own the building this would take place at, they have staff that need to be consulted as well.

Anti knife Crime Education, what can be done to the schools who do not want to take part, there is sadly a need for these sessions to take place and I feel all schools have a responsibly to accept there is a problem and they need to be part of the solution. What can we do?

Page 37.  Stapleford has many Bleed Kits. When can we expect to see these in other parts of Broxtowe? I am concerned it says action is cancelled.

Page 38. I am looking forward to working with the Chayah Development Project to help develop a video which can be shown in Schools and hopefully online and other places to highlight the consequences of violence and knife crime and I would like to thank Broxtowe Borough Council for funding this initiative.  I would also like to thank the Chayah Development Project for the continued help and support in dealing with issues in Stapleford and I know they are also happy to help in other area and if anyone needs a conversation please let me know and we will do all we can to help. 

I was given the following responses to my concerns.

Page 32, names of pubs, and names of those on banning orders going into pubs need to be passed onto the relevant officers at Broxtowe Borough Council, so this can be taken further.

Can those who raise the above concerns let me have the details? Otherwise, no further action can be taken.

Page 35, these are preferred locations, and they will need to be checked to make sure they meet the requirements if this is to progress further. It was also suggested that other locations be looked at by the Chair of the committee, Councillor Pat Lally.

With regards to my question about schools, we were told that the council can’t force the schools to take part if they choose not to. Councillors were concerned this is the case.

Page 37, I acknowledged the work gone off in Stapleford to have kits in various places, and we were informed that Nottinghamshire County Council purchased kits for the Borough prior to the pandemic and this was then put on hold as the relevant training needs to be carried out by the NHS who as we all know are extremely busy. So, this is an ongoing process and will be carried out as soon as possible, but we don’t have the information as to when.

Page 38, this was fully supported by all Councillors at the meeting this evening.

I thanked all the officers and all the Councillors for putting together the Violence and Knife Crime Action Plan.

I then mentioned how several years ago, when I stood up to speak about drugs, knife crime, and gangs, I was told to sit down. I was told not to get involved and not speak about these issues.

The chair of the committee this evening said, “You didn’t sit down.” he is right; I didn’t stop talking about this at every opportunity. I didn’t stop fighting, and I won’t; I will never sit down over these issues. This evening, as the Vice Chair of the Community Safety Committee, I got to support this much needed plan of action.

I am pictured with my friend Natasha, whose son was the victim of a knife crime incident. He has agreed to support this initiative and would also like to become involved in helping in Eastwood. I have put Natasha in touch with Councillors in that area.

I also thanked County Councillors Steve Carr, Kate Foale, and Elizabeth Williamson, who each donated £400 of the County Councillors Divisional Fund towards Cycle Safety. I was also asked to ask my wife Donna MacRae to contact the other County Councillors who cover other parts of Broxtowe to ask them again if they will make the same donation to help tackle the issues with cycle theft prevention. As it was her request, which so far got £1200 in donations.

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