Police & Crime Plan 2021 to 2025

Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) have a statutory duty1 to issue a Police and Crime Plan for their force area.

The plan must set out the Commissioner’s police and crime objectives for their term in office and details of the resources that the Commissioner has made available to support crime and disorder reduction, or help victims and witnesses of crime and ASB.

This plan sets the strategic direction for crime and policing services across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire for the 2021 to March 2025 period.

It has been developed and informed by evidence of local need and a programme of extensive consultation and engagement with communities, partner agencies and other stakeholders during 2021.

The Police and Crime Plan is underpinned by a wide range of products and supporting information, which include the:

Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Needs Assessment:

An annual assessment which provides an overview of the main issues, risks and threats that are likely to impact upon crime community safety and criminal justice over the next four years

Annual Police and Crime Delivery Plan:

Annual plan which sets out specific actions and objectives for the financial year aligned to the strategic Police and Crime Plan and annual budget setting process

Quarterly Performance and Insight report:

Bespoke performance report which tracks a range of key indicators linked to the Police and Crime Plan on a quarterly basis and helps to identify and respond to emerging areas of risk

Commissioner’s Annual Report:

Provides an annual overview of progress made in delivering the Police and Crime Plan.

PCCs have a statutory duty to publish an annual report under the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011

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