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FREE Programme of Learning online 7th-18th March 2022 based on the work that the Prevention Programme, The Children’s Society and partners do to tackle child exploitation and harm.

🤚 Beyond Risk Assessments – is aimed at anyone who works with assessing children and young people who are at risk of being exploited, or is known to services as being exploited, find out more & book on here

🤚 Advocating for NRMs – for First Responders and Partners – this session will give attendees the opportunity to consider how you support your teams and colleagues to utilise the NRM process effectively, find out more and book on here

🤚 Multi-Agency Approaches – this session is for anyone supporting children and young people, who wants to make sure they are working effectively with other agencies, find out more & book on here

🤚 No Perfect Victim: Challenging Stereotypes and Bias – this session confronts and aims to dispel some of the assumptions, stereotypes and biases that too often hinder attempts to tackle and prevent child exploitation, find out more and book on here 👉

🤚 Look Closer To Home: Parent/Public Awareness – This learning session is for parents and members of the public who want to learn more about child exploitation and how you can help tackle and prevent it, find out more and book on here 👉

🤚 Exploring The Digital Lives of Children & Young People – During this session, they aim to share learning on new and emerging areas of online exploitation and facilitate a discussion around the digital lives of young people, including the harms that they may be exposed to, find out more and book on here 👉

🤚 Spotlight: Abianda – Supporting Female Survivors – A spotlight session where Abianda will talk about their crucial work working with young women and girls affected by county lines, find out more and book on here

🤚 Engaging With Children & Young People – Effective engagement with young people can make the difference that changes a young person’s life. How can we, as professionals, engage better with young people? Find out more and book on here 👉

🤚 Child Financial Exploitation – Child Financial Exploitation (CFE) is emerging as a growing concern, in which children and young people experience abuse or exploitation relating to money. Find out more and book on here

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