Council Tax and Energy Price Increases

On 3 February 2022, the Chancellor announced the Government’s interventions into energy price increases and what support will become available for residents.

On 23rd February, we received formal guidance from the Government about how the Energy Bills Rebate will work.

This rebate will not be a reduction in the amount of council tax you are required to pay, but a £150 one-off payment to be made directly to a person liable to pay council tax subject to the following qualifying criteria.

Who will qualify?

Properties that are your main home and banded A-D or Band E with a disabled relief. You can find out what band you are in online. Second homes and unoccupied properties are excluded.

Properties that are exempt from Council Tax but will still qualify for the rebate include:

  • Students
  • Severally Mentally Impaired
  • Occupied Annexe
  • Occupied by persons under the age of 18

The dwelling you occupy has a council tax band on 1st April 2022. 

What if I am not eligible?

A fund has been provided to Councils to help lower income households who may not qualify for the Energy Bill Rebate. This will include households are on lower incomes or in receipt of the Council Tax Reduction Scheme (CTRS) and who are in higher than band D property.

Further information on this discretionary fund will be available on this webpage in the coming weeks.

How will I receive the rebate?

For people who pay council tax by direct debit, in most cases, the rebate will go directly into bank accounts.

If you do not pay by direct debit, the Council will be developing an online application process, which will be supported for those that cannot access online.  It will appear on this webpage in April 2022.

Why isn’t the £150 rebate showing on my Council Tax bill?

The payment will be paid to directly into your bank account if you pay by Direct Debit and will not show on your bill as a reduction in the amount you pay. If you do not pay your council tax by Direct Debit, will contact you to arrange payment.

Sign up to Direct Debit for your Council Tax to receive the £150 payment easily

The easiest way to receive your £150 payment is to sign up to Direct Debit, it also means you can spread your Council Tax payments over 12 months if you wish. To sign up visit How to pay council tax – Broxtowe Borough Council and this will allow us to pay your energy rebate to you as soon as possible.

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