Stapleford Post Office Set To Close.

Having been informed that Stapleford Post Office is set to close on Tuesday 19th July I have contacted the Post Office Head Office and asked if they can confirm this. 

Below is the reply I have been sent. 

Dear Cllr MacRae

Unfortunately, it is the case that the current temporary operator at Stapleford has resigned. We are currently looking for a replacement however it is likely the branch will close on the 19th July.

I will continue to look for a permanent solution that provides Post Office services to Stapleford

Please let me know if you need anything further.



Post Office Ltd is looking for a successful retailer to incorporate a Post Office Local into their existing or proposed business.

If anyone is interested in taking on the Post Office counter service then you can register an interest below.

You can sign the petition to Save Our Local Post Office here.

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