Pasture Road Recreation Ground Improvements Update.

Works have started on the play area refurbishment at Pasture Road Recreation Ground this week.

It is planned to have the work completed early August, so it can be used over the school holidays.

The play area will have a selection of modern equipment to appeal to a range of abilities and feature an accessible surface. Outside the fenced area will be a big basket swing and for the adults a small fitness area will be provided. The design is based on public consultation undertaken in 2021.

In general the construction industry has a poor reputation for sustainability, but we have designed this project to have a minimal environmental footprint. All the old wood and steel play equipment will be sent for recycling, the old concrete will go for crushing into building aggregate and the bark surfacing will be saved and used as a mulch to conserve moisture in a new woodland plantation this winter. Zero waste from the project will go to landfill.

Infilling the old bark pit will be done with recycled aggregate and the new play surface will be made from shredded rubber salvaged from scrap cars! The new play equipment is made from fully recyclable materials, so at the end of its service life the parks team will be able to refurbish sustainably again.

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