Nottinghamshire County Council Election Results Stapleford and Broxtowe Central Division

Thank you each and every person who voted for me. Okay no prize for coming third but I am proud of what I got and thank you all once again.

Bramcote Today

John Doddy and Maggie McGrath elected.


John Anthony DoddyThe Conservative Party Candidate2,65120.1%Elected
Maggie McGrathLabour Party2,14616.3%Elected
Richard Danny MacRaeIndependent1,97815.0%
Kash PurewalThe Conservative Party Candidate1,74413.3%
Sue PatersonLabour Party1,64112.5%
Tim HallamLiberal Democrats1,0558.0%
Hannah May LandLiberal Democrats8826.7%
Teresa Yvonne NeedhamGreen Party6484.9%
William John LongdonIndependent4153.2%


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