A motion to unite Political parties to deliver highway improvement in Notts

A motion to set up a cross-party Highways Review Panel will be put forward at Full Council on 27 May.

If carried, the proposal will see politicians from all parties work together to examine the methods and technologies used to repair and maintain the county’s roads and suggest recommendations for improvement.

In proposing the motion, Ben Bradley MP, Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council said: “Everyone uses Nottinghamshire’s roads and they are a key concern for residents. I made it clear that Nottinghamshire Highways are a priority, and this would be the first step towards driving improvement.

“We want to ensure that road repair and maintenance work is designed and implemented in the most efficient and sustainable way possible, delivering maximum value from our significant and ongoing investment in highways maintenance.”

“The Panel would be able to review and explore different and additional approaches and help shape the way roads are maintained in the future. Any recommendations for improvement would be put forward to the Policy Committee for a final decision.”


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