Fishpond Cottage Update

Bramcote Today

Following on from our 8 May update, Barry and Helena Johnson have received 143 signatures of local residents who object to the Broxtowe B.C. latest proposal for Fishpond Cottage. Barry said, “We feel sure that some of these are due to seeing it on the Bramcote Today website.”

They have now shared their email sent to Broxtowe Borough Council earlier today:

Dear Councillor,

We write to you as a Broxtowe B.C. Councillor or as an Appointed Councillor on the Broxtowe B.C. Planning Committee who on 2nd June will discuss Application Number 21/00038/REG3 in respect of Fishpond Cottage.

The Fishpond Cottage proposal has caused considerable concern amongst local residents not only in respect of the proposal itself but in the way the Broxtowe B.C. have administerively mishandled and poorly communicated this proposal with the local community.

Todate, we have received the signatures from 143 (one hundred and forty three) local…

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