Caution beyond July 19th and the Welcome Back Fund.

I am writing prior to the changes next week where we are guided to be cautious in the application of a relaxation.

I would like to thank you all for the application and adherence to the prevailing legislation, regulations and guidelines, you have all worked so diligently throughout my time in office as Covid 19 Information Officer on the safety and reopening of the Broxtowe High Streets. I thank you all sincerely.

Beyond July 19th 2021

It has been a privilege to work with the businesses, and residents who have taken a keen interest in safe working across different sectors and to meet the needs of our uniquely different towns. Now more than ever is the time to determine a modus operandi to keep communities safe.

I will be maintaining the use of PPE, including mask wearing, as I visit the high streets.

The Welcome Back Fund

With the introduction of the Welcome Back Fund, my role has been redefined to also look at the events that could be held in the Borough High Streets to stimulate footfall and encourage local spend.

This is an ideal opportunity to develop and deliver community led covid safe events for the town to stimulate the local economy, for businesses, residents and visitors alike.

As well as consulting with yourselves, the Welcome Back Team are consulting with community groups, elected members, and town councils to develop an Ideas Bank for each town.

Once the ideas are gathered in, a decision will be made by The Welcome Back Team as to those that can be delivered covid-safe, potentially within every changing guidelines and legislation, and remain within the stringent criteria of the funding.

All ideas are welcome, the main focus at this stage is to gather a bank of ideas for events to be delivered in September and October, and in, January and February time.

I enclose a Quick Guide to the Welcome Back Fund, as well as an Expression of Interest Form for completion to register suggested ideas, these attachments can be sent to community groups and interested parties to submit by the dates outlined below.

It is vitally important to get the ideas that reflect what each town considers most appropriate at this very critical time.

Of equal importance is the need to know events not appropriate.

The Fund does not support:
• Activity that provides no additionality –
• Capital expenditure – This is a revenue only funding project intended to help local authorities address the longer-term impact of Covid-19 on local economies. Permanent changes, such as the provision of a swimming pool, are therefore not permitted.
• Grants to businesses – Funding cannot provide direct financial support to businesses to make adaptations to premises, purchase PPE, purchase goods or equipment or offset wages or other operating costs.

If you have any ideas, or belong to a group who would like to deliver an event, please sent an Expression of Interest Form.

I look forward to gathering ideas from your community for consideration and development by 9.00am on the 22nd July for phase 1, and by 9.00am on August 12th 2021 for phase 2, as Stage 1 of the process.

Once gathered in for the respective deadlines, ideas will be sent to the respective Town Councils for swift consideration, it is important to tell The Welcome Back Team, those ideas you support, and those you do not support.

Ideas that do not meet the criteria will be noted for potential future use in the correct setting if and when appropriate.

Thank you once again, and send in your community led ideas on the enclosed form.

Be wise and sanitise

Yours sincerely
Janice Owen

Janice Owen
Covid-19 Information Officer

Broxtowe Borough Council
Planning and Economic Development
Department of the Chief Executive
Council Offices, Foster Avenue
Beeston, Nottingham

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