Upto £1,000 available from Broxtowe Borough Council via the Our Community Fund.

Our Community Fund is now LIVE!

Do you want up to £1000 for your community?

This enables groups to bid for small scale projects that benefit the Council’s Housing customers and the communities they live within.

Broxtowe Borough Council are looking to support projects that:

Improve health and wellbeing
Tenancy sustainment and financial inclusion
Neighbourhood improvements and empowering communities
Reducing loneliness and social isolation

So get your thinking caps on, grab your neighbours and share ideas on what you could bid on for your community.

Bidding round opened the 1st July and closes 31st August 2021.

For full guidelines of what the fund can be used for visit the Community Fund webpage. #housing https://www.broxtowe.gov.uk/for-you/housing/council-tenants/housing-engagement/community-fund/

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