Councillors have heaped praise on Nottinghamshire Police after figures revealed falling crime rates

The force tofay published figures showing that overall fall in crime recorded was significantly ahead of the national average and only bettered by City of London Police. 

Stats showed robberies, burglaries, knife crime and other serious offences all fell sharply making the overall fall in crime of 21 per cent. The national average is 14 per cent. 

In the 12 months to April 2021 22,239 fewer offices were recorded in the county. 

Councillor John Cottee, the Chairman of Nottinghamshire County Council’s Communities Committee which reports on the work of the Nottinghamshire Safer Neighbourhoods Board said:

“The fact these figures were falling well before the pandemic is remarkable. It shows the benefit of investment in boots on the ground but crucially, the impact of partnerships working together to tackle the route causes of crime through early intervention, prevention and building confidence in communities. These are the strategic ingredients for safer and positive neighbourhoods.

“It is the work of Community Safety Partnerships that brings together local authorities, health care bodies, education and the police to work together as one to help tackle the causes of crime. I offer my thanks and gratitude to everyone involved in contributing to these falling rates. The challenge now, is to sustain this success to build stronger communities for the future. This Council has big ambitions for the future of Nottinghamshire.

“Attracting investment to deliver skills and jobs, delivering the best quality education for children and young people, and investing in our infrastructure. These are all components in building the foundations for a successful future for Nottinghamshire and creating the environment where crime is less likely to prosper. We are fortunate in Nottinghamshire that those partnerships are stronger than ever”.

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