Greenhouse gases targeted in new review

Greenhouse gases produced by Nottinghamshire County Council will be targeted for reduction as part of a new and comprehensive assessment. 

The assessment will investigate greenhouse gas emission from all county council sites and assets, then councillors will devise workable plans to slash the emissions. This will include looking at greenhouse gas levels at council offices and from council vehicles. 

The county council’s Transport and Environment Committee commissioned the assessment after councillors met this week.   

The ambition to reduce greenhouse gases is key to the county council’s pledge to become carbon neutral by 2030. In May, Nottinghamshire County Council declared a climate emergency following a motion brought forward by the new leader, Ben Bradley. 

Councillor Mike Adams, vice-chairman of county council’s Transport and Environment Committee said: “I’m delighted this assessment is moving forward. It is pivotal we get all the facts on where our greenhouse gasses are most prevalent, and I have full confidence our newly commissioned investigation will do the job.  

“Evidence is going to be essential for meeting our pledge to reach carbon neutrality by 2030. We can’t meet our ambition blindfolded; we need proper data so we can put in place workable plans to reduce our emissions and harness the power of green energy. 

“Even before the deceleration of a climate emergency, the county council was working towards carbon neutrality in our buildings, but we wanted to provide a clear signal of our commitment to Nottinghamshire’s environment.

“Carbon neutrality is an exciting prize we can grasp. We are also working with Government and industry, including with the Midlands Engine on green growth, to make sure we reach our pledge by 2030.”

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