Visit to Stapleford Fire Stapleford with Stapleford Youth Club

On Monday 29th November local youngsters from Stapleford Youth Club visited Stapleford Fire Station.

They came along to watch a demonstration of a person being cut out of a car.

After speaking to the Youth Club leader, a while ago now, I then arranged with the Station Manager at Stapleford Fire Station to put this session on. We also invited Police to join us from Operation Reacher.

The video above was posted live on my Facebook page and I have since uploaded to YouTube, over 960 people had viewed the video on Facebook at the time of writing this post.

The video above is some highlights of the live video.

Inside the car I had set up a GoPro and you can watch the footage on YouTube above.

The video above is some highlights from the GoPro footage. 

Thank you to all at Stapleford Fire Station and the Police Team from Operation Reacher who attended and spoke to the local youngsters from Stapleford Youth Club. 

Engagement with the community is always a great opportunity for us all and last night was no exception. Listening and talking with local youngsters is always important and we all had great fun last night and hopefully inspired some people as well as sharing an important message and showing what can be the consequences of a car accident. 

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