Canopy 2050 Spring Newsletter Feb 2022

Hello Guardians!
Happy New Year! Bit late I know but this is my first time of writing to you this year.
Spring is on the way, I can feel it. And the buds on my baby oaks are getting ready for business. Time to get busy again.

You will notice that I’m now writing to you from…I hope not too many of you end up with this email in your Spam.

The website still hasn’t progressed unfortunately but I have started a Facebook group – please feel free to join, just search on Facebook for Canopy 2050. I figured that the group would be good for chat and posting photos.

Just briefly, things that have happened since my last newsletter;

Two seed collecting forays with 10 people helping me to collect seeds. Plus many people have also been collecting solo, including myself. We now have 16 varieties of tree seeds to distribute to new guardians.

One feature on East Midlands Today – I was hoping it would generate a lot of contacts but unfortunately they didn’t share any contact details

  • One tree planting session where we planted 50 or so saplings in the Hetley Pearson Recreation ground, a great morning with the council and the Mayor of Broxtowe in Attendance.
  • Seed extraction – myself and a few others have been busy extracting and drying seed from nuts, berries and kernels.
  • An afternoon with Chris, a veteran grower of trees from seed to learn what I can.
  • Experiments in stratification. As a novice tree grower, I am not claiming any expertise at this stage. I decided to run 4 controlled experiments and keep notes on my results. These are;

1. Plant nuts/berries/seeds directly without extraction. (Nov)
2. Plant extracted seeds (Nov)
3. Stratify seeds in the fridge, will soon plant.
4. Plant seeds in Spring.

I’ll keep you posted on the results

And looking to the future.

  • Rest of February and March will be focussed on publicity and getting more tree guardians. Please feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone you think might be interested. From the various seed collecting forays in Autumn I literally have thousands of tree seeds: hazel, crabapple, Blackthorn (sloe), hawthorn, rowan, hornbeam, elder, alder, guelder rose, silver birch, broom, rosehip, holly, ash, field maple, buckthorn, yew and Scotts pine.
  • I will endeavour to post more on Facebook and also post on other local groups facebook pages to generate more contacts. Any help with sharing posts are very welcome!
  • Articles to Beeston Local News, Inspire Stapleford and the Beestonian (if you know of other local publications, please let me know).
  • Put posters in local community hubs. If you know of somewhere great to put one up, please contact me.
  • Continue to note any areas you suggest in order to help the council identify areas for planting.
  • And as ever, the website, I’ll admit, I’m struggling…

And Admin

I need to learn how to do an Unsubscribe link…but if you don’t want to hear from me again, just write to me and say so and I will delete you from my list.

If you want to get in touch, please email me at or call me on 07542851210.
Hope to see you all soon (and be inundated with requests for seeds!)

Canopy 2050 on Facebook

Canopy 2050 Website.

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