Helping you live Independently, Healthy and Well in your own home.

I was kindly invited to meet with Connect earlier today at the office they have in Stapleford.

After being told about the organisation and what they do we chatted about a few ideas over a coffee. I have been invited back and have already offered to help them with an initiative that will involve the Police.

Connect Service

Connect is a county wide community based Service funded by the County council. It is designed to support adult members of the community in terms of maintaining/regaining their independence, so that they can continue to live independently. Connect is aimed at individuals who feel their independence is at risk due to a variety of reasons, such as age, disability, mobility, bereavement, health conditions or being a repeat victim of crime.

Ways in which Connect can help/services offered:

• Assistance with completing forms for benefits, housing, blue badges etc.
• Facilitating access to appropriate health services, such as applications for health visits and advice regards management of alcohol/drug misuse.
• Development of skills to achieve and maintain independent living.
• Boosting of confidence to engage with local community and building better family and friendship networks.
• Signposting to other local services and opportunities.
• Help with IT and the Telephone Preference Services.
• Assessments for housing improvements and adaptations, i.e. fitting of spyholes or chains to door, or the finding of more appropriate accommodation.
• Reducing and better management of debt.

Following a referral a Connect worker will visit the individual at home, conducting a full assessment designed to ascertain what support and services the individual actually requires. The Connect staff will then work directly with the individual by assisting with benefit paperwork and referal to local services, plus making referrals onto partner agencies for other issues, such as home adaptations.

The Police regularly come into contact with, whether in person or via the Control Room, many members of the community whom would benefit from the Connect service. For example:

• Repeat/persistent callers to FCR making reports of non-police matters, but looking for advice or who are lonely.
• The recently bereaved.
• Those whom are in debt or experiencing alcohol/drug misuse issues.
• Repeat victims of crime, i.e. Elderly experiencing regular door-to-door sales or telephone sales scams.
• The socially isolated.

The Connect Service should not be confused with safeguarding measures, but does provide the Police with a referral tool to assist vulnerable members of the community.

Making a referral is simple; you can request a form from email:

To be eligible for the Connect scheme the individual must be an adult (18+) and living independently. (Whether that be in a privately owned or council dwelling).

Services that Connect will not provide:

• Personal care.
• Gardening.
• Cleaning.
• Shopping.
• Transport.
• Support with financial assessments.
Although they will refer to reputable, accredited suppliers / organisations

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