Decision re Fishpond Cottage

Bramcote Today

We have kept our readers updated regarding the planning applications for this historic building. To understand the background, and reasons as to why this property is special, see our previous articles.

Barry Johnson, who has been one of the main residents campaigning against the planning application updated us yesterday:

Just to let you know that we lost last night in spite of the huge number of objections from local residents.

The vote was 6 to 5 in favour of the Broxtowe B.C. proposal with two abstaining.  The issue was decided by the two councillors abstaining.

Following on from your suggestion that you could speak to Bramcote residents, there are a lot of local people gutted by this poor planning committee decision. Obtaining and voicing  their opinions through Bramcote Today’s website would be useful to express their feelings.

Councillor Richard MacRae has, helpfully, provided a link to the meeting and advised…

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